Environment 周围环境

M.Y. Comfort Home Care Centre (八打灵再也) provide the best living space for the elderly and provide them with care as if they were at home. Through our services and activities, we strive to provide residents with a high-quality, active, happy and healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry, your loved ones are in good condition at M.Y. Comfort Home Care Centre.
康福之家为老年人提供最佳的生活空间,就像他们在家一样为他们提供护理。 通过我们的服务和活动,我们努力为居民提供高质量,活跃,快乐和健康的生活方式。 别担心,您所爱的人在康福之家状况良好。
👍Affordable care价钱合理的护理
👍Clean & Quiet Environment干净与宁静的环境
👍Quality nursing 优质护理
👍 Security & Privacy 安全与隐私
👍Multiple Parking Spaces 多个泊车位
👍Spacious Living Room 宽敞的客厅
👍Comfortable Beds 舒适的床
👍 Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Service 复健与理疗服务
👍24-Hour Professional Doctor Support 24小时专业医生支持
👍Delicious & Nutritious Diet Meal 营养美味的餐饮
👍Cozy and Happy Dining Environment舒适愉悦的餐厅
👍Doctor frequent visit 医生经常拜访

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