Hwee Chin Poh, Retired Lady

A happy home, The staff are wonderful and treat the residents with respect dignity and love. The atmosphere is always very joyful and they are so kind and caring to all residents, An amazing care home, something I have not witnessed in any other home I have visited. Food, Facilities, Care and Medical Support, Cleanliness, Activities, Management, Safety and Security-everything is excellent. Thanks to all.

一个开心的家,员工很棒,并以尊严和爱心对待居民。 气氛总是非常愉快,他们是如此友善和关爱所有居民,这是一个令人惊叹的疗养之家,这是我在任何其他参观过的养老中心都没有见过的。 食物,设施,护理和医疗设备,清洁度,活动,管理,安全和保卫-一切都很出色。 谢谢大家。